Molecular Genetics Group, IVF

Molecular Genetics Group is part of the Department of Biotechnology of the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, CAAS. Research focuses on Brassica vegetable crops, especially B. rapa, B. oleraceaand B. juncea. The group uses genomic and genetic tools to unravel important agronomical traits based on mostly natural germplasms. Currently, the group is making full effort to sequence the A and C genomes with a goal of building a substantial bridge to the rich knowledge of the model plant Arabidopsis.

Major research topics:

A.  Morphological variations in Brassica crops

B.  Health related metabolites and nutritional contents

C.  Plant nutrient use efficiency

D.  Flowering

E.  Male sterility

Ongoing projects:

1.  B. rapa, B. oleracea and Raphanus sativus genome de novo sequencing

2.  Large scale genome re-sequencing and expression profiling of B. rapa

3.  Genetics of nitrogen use efficiency in B. rapa

4.  Interaction of BrFLC genes in B. rapa

5.  Genetic dissection of glucosinolate content in B. rapa

6.  Cloning of a dominant male sterility gene in B. oleracea