BRAD may not be available on 02.07.2015 and 02.08.2015 because of network maintenance.  NEW  

This website will not be available on 01.17.2015. NEW  

BRAD may not be available temporarily these several days due to electronic maintainance (06.17.2013).  NEW  

We have uploaded B. oleracea genome data to Genome Browse, but the bulk data download is not available now according to the B. oleracea sequence release policy (06.16.2013).  

Genome data of B.rapa has been updated to version 1.5 (05.18.2013).  

Synteny of multiple genomes is online (05.18.2013).  

Expression data has been linked to A. thaliana gene (10.31.2011).

B. rapa genome data is available for download (08.29.2011).

Genes and genome sequence of B. oleracea are available for blast (05.27.2011).  

B. rapa v1.1 (pseudo-chromosome) is released for BLAST and Search (04.11.2011).  

Flank region searching is online (04.11.2011).  

Search syntenic genes is online (11.13.2010).  

Synteny Browse of B. rapa to A. thaliana is online (09.28.2010). 

B. rapa genome v1.0 (scaffold) is released (09.01.2010). 

B. rapa genome v0.1 (scaffold) is released (07.01.2010).