All gene families in B. rapa corresponding to that in A. thaliana

Gene families are classified according to that collected in Tair

IndexGene familyNumber of genes
1IQD Protein Family33
2PHD Gene Family5
314-3-3 proteins13
560S ribosomal L19 proteins3
6AAAP family43
7ABC Superfamily128
8ABC transporters94
9ABC transporters (Smart Lab)15
10ABI3VP1 Transcription Factor Family11
13Acyl Lipid Metabolism Family611
14AGC Family39
15Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Superfamily14
16Alfin-like Transcription Factor Family7
18AP2-EREBP Transcription Factor Family138
19Aquaporin Families35
20ARIADNE gene family16
21COBRA Gene Family11
22ARF Transcription Factor Family22
23ARID Transcription Factor Family7
24ARR-B Transcription Factor Family15
25AS2 family42
26AtRKD Transcription Factor Family5
27basic Helix-Loop-Helix (bHLH) Transcription Factor162
28basic region leucine zipper (bZIP) Transcription Factor74
29BBR/BPC Transcription Factor Family7
30BBR/BPC-family of GAGA-motif binding transcription factors7
31bHLH Transcription Factor Family161
32bZIP Transcription Factor Family73
33BZR Transcription Factor Family6
34C2C2-CO-like Transcription Factor Family30
35C2C2-Dof Transcription Factor Family36
36C2C2-Gata Transcription Factor Family30
37C2C2-YABBY Transcription Factor Family6
38C2H2 Transcription Factor Family211
39C3H Transcription Factor Family165
40Calcineurin B-like Calcium Sensor Proteins (AtCBLs)9
41Calcium Dependent Protein Kinase34
43CAMTA Transcription Factor Family6
44Carbohydrate Esterase Gene Families90
46CBL-interacting serione-threonine Protein Kinases (AtCIPKs) 25
47CCAAT-DR1 Transcription Factor Family2
48CCAAT-HAP2 Transcription Factor Family10
49CCAAT-HAP3 Transcription Factor Family10
50CCAAT-HAP5 Transcription Factor Family13
52Chloroplast and Mitochondria gene families50
53Class III peroxidase73
55Core Cell Cycle Genes61
56CPP Transcription Factor Family8
58Cytochrome b57
59Cytochrome P450233
60Cytoplasmic ribosomal protein gene family247
62Dof family37
63E2F-DP Transcription Factor Family8
65EF-hand containing proteins196
67EIL Transcription Factor Family6
68Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporter Family (ENT)8
69Eukaryotic Initiation Factor Gene Family94
70EXO70 exocyst subunit family23
72Family of Arabidopsis genes related to Xyloglucan Fucosyltransferase113
73F-Box Proteins4
74FH2 proteins21
75FtsH: AAA ATP-dependent zinc metallopeptidase12
76G2-like Transcription Factor Family40
78GeBP Transcription Factor Family16
79Glutathione S-transferase Family53
80Glycoside Hydrolase Gene Families376
81Glycosyltransferase Gene Families327
82GRAS Gene Family32
83GRAS Transcription Factor Family33
84GRF Transcription Factor Family9
85Heat Shock Transcription Factor Family21
86Histidine Kinase16
87Histidine Phosphotransfer Proteins6
88Homeobox Transcription Factor Family91
89HRT Transcription Factor Family3
90HSF Transcription Factor Family21
92Hypothetical proteins4
93IDZ Gene Family11
94Inorganic Solute Cotransporters84
95Ion Channel Families61
96JUMONJI Transcription Factor Family5
98Lateral Organ Boundaries Gene Family42
99Leucine-rich repeat extensin11
100Lipid Metabolism Gene Families98
101MADS like gene family16
102MADS Transcription Factor Family109
103MADS-box Transcription Factor Family108
104Magnesium Transporter Gene Family11
105MAP Kinase (MAPK) Family20
106MAP Kinase Kinase (MAPKK) Family10
107MAP Kinase Kinase Kinase (MAPKKK) Family80
108MAP Kinase Kinase Kinase Kinase (MAPKKKK) Family10
109MIP family38
110Miscellaneous Membrane Protein Families444
111MLO proteins14
112Monolignol Biosynthesis61
113Monosaccharide transporter-like gene family53
115MYB Transcription Factor Family131
116MYB-Related Transcription Factor Family4
118NAC Transcription Factor Family96
119NADPH P450 reductases3
120Nicotianamine Synthase4
121NLP Transcription Factor Family9
122Nodulin-like protein family64
123Nucleobase ascorbate transporters, NAT family12
124Organic Solute Cotransporters279
125Orphan Transcription Factor Family2
127PHD Transcription Factor Family11
128Phospholipase D12
129Phospholipase D (Zarsky group)13
130Phosphoribosyltransferases (PRT)15
131Pirin-like proteins3
132Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis Families30
133Plant defensins superfamily15
134Plant U-box protein (PUB) 61
135Pollen Coat Proteome9
136Polysaccharide Lyase Gene Families31
137PP2C-type phosphatases76
139Primary Pumps (ATPases) Gene Families83
140Rad5/16-like gene family10
141RAV Transcription Factor Family11
142RCI2 gene Family8
143Receptor kinase-like protein family307
144REM Transcription Factor Family21
145Response Regulator32
146RRE (Rapid Response to Elicitors)4
148SBP Transcription Factor Family16
149Single gene-encoded CBPs11
150Single Myb Histone (SMH)5
151SNARE Interacting Proteins13
153Strubbelig Receptor Family9
154Short Under Blue Light (SUBs)3
155Subtilisin-like Serine Proteases55
156Sucrose-H+ symporters9
157Sulfurtransferasese / Rhodanese Family18
158Superfamily of zinc-coordinating DNA-binding proteins17
159TCP transcription factor family ?Class I subfamily 1
161Trehalose Biosynthesis Gene Families12
162Trihelix Transcription Factor Family29
163TUB Transcription Factor Family10
164Type I MADS box46
165VOZ-9 Transcription Factor Family2
166Whirly Transcription Factor Family3
167WOX gene family15
168WRKY Transcription Factor Family72
169WRKY Transcription Factor Superfamily72
170WRKY Transcription Factor; Unclassified1
171ZF-HD Transcription Factor Family15
172zinc finger-homeobox gene family17
173tify family18
174Antiporter Superfamily28
175Primary Pumps (ATPases) Gene Family (2)32
176Mechanosensitive Ion Channel Family10
177Glutamine dumper (GDU) family8
178Core DNA replication machinery61
179Protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP) family28
180B3 DNA Binding Family87
181Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes family3
182Non-SMC Element family2