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In this section, BRAD now provides three categories of markers (genetic markers for map construction that can be used in different populations), phenotypes (morphological diversity of B. rapa) and people/Labs. Details are described below:

Markers and Maps:

BRAD provides information on genetic markers (including marker location, primers information, and population checked) and on genetic maps generated from our study. We have also incorporated access to maps genearted elsewhere.

Users can access these data by following: chromosome selection -> population specification -> detailed marker information -> primer or BAC information. In the near future, we will integrate previously reported QTLs.


This section provides examples of morphological diversity of Brassica phenotypes. More data generated from phenotype screening will be added soon.

Species info:

The abbreviation and related document of all incorporated species in BRAD are provided in this section.


In this section we give a brief introduction to our group, including our research aims, current projects and personnel.